Video Production

Video Production

As well as the fantastic services we offer for your online business, we can also offer Video Production as a part of your online strategy. Years back this would be not considered to be a part of your marketing strategy at all, but as it is with Digital things move quickly, evolve and in the case of video production become more affordable to smaller businesses.

Video used to be considered as a bit of a luxury, an after-thought almost. However, now with our experts creating videos for local businesses showcasing what they do and their premises, customer testimonials, ‘how to’ videos and short videos introducing events that you are running, it should be at the forefront of your marketing planning now and going forward.

All of these videos are proving to be a success for their websites and creating more reasons to trust their business for potential customers.

In addition to the styles of videos mentioned above, our video team have worked with brands such as Audi, Maserati and Vauxhall and also with large organisations BBC, Lime Pictures, NHS and the LTA – Lawn Tennis Association. So when it comes to ideas, production and the final product our team know what they are doing.

We are always willing to take on new ideas and develop them into a creative collaboration giving you exactly what you want. We are happy to work with any industry as we know the importance of video runs across every online business. We have expertise in creating the videos, but also how to get the best out of them via Social Media, YouTube and other forms of marketing video will work alongside.

So if you have products or a service that you want to show off in another media form, consider video and talk to us about how to get that idea onto our cameras and onto your prospective customers’ screens.

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